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Tipi lets travellers check-in on their mobile & hostels communicate more effectively with their guests.


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Tipi won ‘Best Technology Product’ at the Global Youth Travel Awards.

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Your Guests... Better Managed.

Tipi’s Guest Management System improves operational efficiency & increases guest engagement. How? By letting hostels communicate more effectively with their guests - from booking, during & after their stay.

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    Faster Check-in

    Hands-up who likes queues, filling in forms, scanning ID, data entry... No? Guess what? Your guests don’t either… Tipi makes all that go away. Let Tipi handle the heavy lifting, focus more on what matters - the guest.

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    Happier Guests

    No more long queues after long flights - Tipi lets guests check-in on their mobile, before they get on the plane! Give guests a ‘sneak peek’ of your hostel community before they arrive… Let them meet other guests staying at the same time & show them what’s on at your hostel.

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    More Sales

    Tipi tells you when a guest wants to extend their stay, is interested in learning how to surf or wants to book one of your other hostels. We handle these requests direct so you dont need to pay hefty commissions to third parties. Yes. You read all of that right.

‘Sneak peak’ before you arrive.

Yes you can skip the queue & check-in on your mobile. Yes, that’s awesome. But wait, there’s more... How would you like to meet other guests stayting at the same time or see what’s on at the hostel? With Tipi you can! Try below...

Save Time

20 second check-in or 20 minute check-in. Up to you

Save Money

Book a bed or buy a tour direct through Tipi - that means you‘ll get the lowest rate

Try Before You Buy

Get real time reviews from real people at places you want to visit & hostels you’d like to book. Avoid fake reviews

Be Social

Chat with other guests & keep in touch while you travel the world

Meet the World

See who else is staying at your during your stay & have new friends waiting for you when you arrive

Plan Your Trip

Check-out your hostel’s activities or local experiences... see who else is attending & meet like-minded travellers

Queues are so 90’s

Tipi’s self check-in scans your guests ID & fills the check-in form for them… In under 2 seconds. This data is sent to your GMS & automatically populates your reservation system. Remember hand written check-in forms?

How We Help 700 000 Guests check-in

A whole heap of awesomeness

What’s in the box?

Once you sign-up for Tipi - we’ll send you out a starter pack... A Samsung Tab A for self check-in, wall (or desk) mount & a QR code scanner for instant check-in.

Wall/Desk Mount

Mount your Tipi tablets on the wall or have them on your reception desk - the choice is yours... we can help you plan your hostel configuration.

Tipi Tablet

We use Samsung Tab A 10.1 tablets... this is because they have high quality cameras (with flash) that help scan passports quickly. We buy in bulk - so you save $$$.

QR Scanner

Your guests will show their personalised QR code on arrival - simply scan & their details are in your PMS in a matter of seconds... simples.

Get Started Now

Get up & running with Tipi GMS… It’s fast, easy to use & will make your guests happier - what have you got to lose?

Tipi Team

Meet arguably the most talented tech-team on the planet



Travel industry legend & early stage investor in start-ups. Very, very poor cricketer



12 yrs experience in youth travel market - I handle UX & Partnerships for Tipi (i.e. make things look pretty and go out for drinks)



16 yrs tech & startup experience - I manage our dedicated dev team & get my hands dirty when needed

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